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The Best Way To Prevent Malaria in Vietnam

Most parts of Vietnam have minimal risk of malaria, especially in city areas. However, in some rural areas such as Ca Mau, Bac Lieu, and other rural area in the South, the risk of contracting the disease is high.

If you travel to these areas, you may carry a treatment dose of medication in case the symptoms occurs.

Be cautious that malaria can be fatal. You should ask your doctor for advice on the appropriate medication and dosage.

The general symptom of malaria is a headache, diarrhea, chills or a cough. The most important symptom is a fever. Taking a blood sample is the only way to diagnose.

To prevent malaria, you should avoid mosquito and use antimalarial medications.

Use the following tips to prevent malaria while you travel:

  • Always sleep under a mosquito net, especially when you sleep outside.
  • Choose the room with air-con. If not, the room should have fans and screen.
  • Use mosquito coils if necessary.
  • Wear long trousers and sleeves in light colors.

In case you want to go with medicine, use Doxycycline, Lariam, or Malarone. As always, ask your doctor for the advice.

In case you need to find more information on malaria in Vietnam, you can use the Vietnam malaria map.