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Vietnamese New Year

The New Year Tree

The New Year Tree

The New Year tree is a piece of a bamboo five or six yards long is stripped bare excerpt for a little bunch of leaves. Near the top is suspended a round bamboo frame holding a few little fish and bells made of baked clay that tinkle softly in the wind. Beneath this frame are votive gifts and some thorny branches. At the top of the New Year tree, a small kerosene lamp is lit at night. Read More »

Parallel Sentences in Vietnamese New Year

Parallel Sentences

Parallelism played an important role in Vietnamese classical literary style. It marks every literary genre from prose to poetry, including a kind of rhymed pose. It entirely governs a particular genre, call parallel sentences. Read More »

Vietnamese New Year Customs


It is a short version of Tet Nguyen Dan, or literally, the first morning of the first day of a first lunar cycle. Vietnamese New Year is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam and the preparations are meticulous and require a lot of time in advance. Read More »

Meaning of Vietnamese New Year


The festival which best epitomizes Vietnam's cultural identity is Vietnamese New Year or Tet. Popular festivals play a major role as mirror and guardian of a nation's cultural identity. In this aspect, the festival which best epitomizes Vietnam's cultural identity is Tet. Read More »