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Vietnamese Customs

Vietnamese Village’s Guilds

The Vietnamese culture has evolved from the basis of a wet rice cultivating civilization. Because of this, the lifestyle of the Vietnamese population is closely related to native villages and lands.

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Ancestor Worship

The presence of the dead, the behaviour of the living, and an influence on the future - the many generations of the Vietnamese family.

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Dykes Keep Vietnam abreast of History’s Tide

Control of the rivers has been crucial to the Vietnamese people’s hard-won ability to survive and thrive in a sometimes unforgiving land. The construction of dykes along rivers is without a doubt one of the most important steps in the emergence of the Vietnamese people.

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Vietnamese Hair Cut

When considering the styling dilemmas once faced by Vietnamese men, a "bad hair day" takes on a whole new meaning. Dao Hung explains why hairdos once led to public ridicule, whippings, and even jail terms.

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